Life is filled with trials and tribulations. We provide support to the greater community to strengthen the social fabric of our communities, neighborhoods, schools and our homes.


Nothing is more important than being in a safe place until you get back on your feet. We offer a safe living facility to help in your transitional period


Teaching the Word of God and helping people build a relationship with the Lord is imperative to a living a full life. We are here to guide you in the word and point you to Jesus for life change.


Open to learning about Jesus Christ, Desire to be employed, Willing  to have a mentor, Willing to pay residential fees, Willing to drug test, Willing to attend services and meetings.


At Come to Him Ministries, we care about your present and your future more than your past. We are here to help you live your life to the fullest, taking your hand and helping you through the rough times and celebrating with you in the good times.